Serving The Needs of the Workplace

At Schaner Law Firm, our vision is to provide comprehensive labor and employment law services to employees and employers in Texas and throughout the United States. We work to provide our clients with experienced counsel while delivering consistent, reasoned and strategic solutions to the unique challenges of the workplace.

Areas of Expertise

For Employees

Our background working with employers gives us a distinct advantage in helping employees with workplace disputes.

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For Employers

We specialize in employment law compliance, prevention of disputes, and vigorous client defense in the event of litigation.

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Mr. Schaner has defended numerous sexual, racial, disability and other protected category harassment cases in both the state and federal ...

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Mr. Schaner has defended numerous discrimination cases based on sex, race, national origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, and disability in ...

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Workplace Training

Mr. Schaner offers a wide variety of workplace training programs, including supervisor training and, in appropriate circumstances, employee training. These ...

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Mr. Schaner has defended numerous retaliation cases in both the state and federal courts over his 30 years of practice. ...

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FMLA – Leaves of Absence

Mr. Schaner advises his clients concerning the FMLA requirements and employer compliance with the complex web of regulations under the ...

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Employment Relationship Torts

Mr. Schaner has extensive experience litigation tort or personal injury claims arising out the of the employment relationship, including intentional ...

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Whistleblower Lawsuits

Mr. Schaner has defended companies in many whistleblower lawsuits, including cases under the Financial Institutions Recovery and Enforcement Act, Sarbanes-Oxley ...

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Class Action Employment Cases

Mr. Schaner has extensive experience litigating class action employment cases, including his defense of a class action lawsuit in which ...

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Executive Employment Disputes

Mr. Schaner provides advice and counsel to create, revise and negotiate employment agreements, executive employment agreements, and severance agreements. This also ...

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Social Media and NRLA

Mr. Schaner provides advice and counsel concerning the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) enforcement of the National Labor Relations Act ...

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